a nice start

Monday, May 31, 2004

A nice start

Hi dear webheads and friends,
I`m writing this blog following Vance`s suggestions and I hope to be successful.I got encouraged to do it after I read Antonio`s.

I am an EFL teacher who has been working with teenagers in different high schools in La Union,in the South of Chile.Computers got me interested ,too so I took a Post Degree in Informatica Educativa about three years ago.That has given me the chance to bring students to the computer lab sometimes and they feel it is fantastic.
My students have had some emails projects and pen-pal friends in the US,Taiwan and Brazil.
I was a Fulbright exchange in the US for a year and I travelled and lived there by myself. I worked as a Spanish teacher in Rifle ,Colorado and I think it was a wonderful learning experience.
I am married ,have two sons Jorge and Marcelo and a very nice family.My plans for the future are to go back to the US and work there for another year.
I would like you to access my region and see where I live.Go to www.http://www.turistel.cl/mapas_ruteros/rut_h_1.htm and find LA UNION. Best wishes for you all Juani